Roster Information System is designed for flight and cabin crew and allow them to use native OS Calendar application to monitor their flight schedule and get on-time notification about nearest flight.
Using our system you can get all information about your flights with full detail:
  • fligth date
  • flight number
  • ICAO route detail
  • name of route airports
  • scheduled departure and arrival time
  • corrected departure and arrival time
  • aircraft type and registration number
  • leg-by-leg info
  • flight crew members
  • cabin crew members
  • show flight route on map (iOS devices)
This information would be incredibly useful for expat captains flying in China as it very difficult and non-convenient to get information in english about your flight.

Information in our system is updated regulary from airline company database and you will receive e-mail notification about any changes in your flight roster.


Our system uses 2-step registration method to prevent fraud and spam-bot action.
  1. Roster Information System registration
  2. In first step (fig.1 and 2) you have to register in our system using your valid e-mail address. After initial registration you will receive an activation link in your e-mail address. Follow this link to complete first step.
  3. Confirmation of your airline company account
  4. To prevent unautorized spam and fraud action our system reqiure you to confirm your personal data using Airline Company online preparation website (fig. 3 and 4). You will be prompted to login into your airline company preparation website to identify yourself. After completing this step you will receive a confirmation e-mail with information required to connect your calendar to our system.


You will get 30-days free trial membership period after registration. During this period you can use our Roster Information System for free. You can extend your membership for 1-year at any time for only 85 RMB/Year. 1-year membership period will be added to your current expiration date or will start from present date in case your account is already expired.

How to setup your device